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Monday, March 15, 2010

Paid to drive:

Imagine getting paid to drive your own car to wherever you choose. It's possible. All you need to do is to allow your car to be draped with advertising messages. It's easy and it's beneficial. Here is what you need to do to sell advertising space on your car.

1. Be prepared to enter into a contract. Advertisers generally prefer long-term commitments.

2. Register with your local transit-advertising agency. Approach various agencies and choose the one that pays you the most and gives you a choice of brand or company to advertise.

3. Determine how the advertising message will be displayed on your car. It could be vinyl graphic panels, magnetic signs, bumper stickers or a complete car wrap.

4. Ensure that the material to be used is not harmful to your car exterior.

5. Check if there is a minimum distance you need to drive.

6. Be prepared for regular inspections and spot checks from the car advertising agency.

7. Choose a brand that you would love to advertise and goes well with your lifestyle and driving habits.

8. Keep your agency informed if there is any change in your driving pattern. Relocation to a different place, enrolling your child in a new school and having a new job are instances when your driving patterns could be altered.

Tips and Warnings:

Some transit-advertising agencies have online registrations.

Opt for an agency that allows you the freedom to choose your brand.

Provide accurate information regarding your driving habits to avoid any future issues with the agency.

Maintain your car well and keep all documents up-to-date. Inform your agency immediately in case of any damage to the car or the advertising message.

Avoid any run-ins with the law. Drunk driving records, road tax evasions or violation of speed limits are strictly prohibited.

Selling space on your car could cost you your privacy. You may have to respond to curious onlookers who ask about the product or the advertisement.

Good luck...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here is a great site if you are into PTC sites:

Here you will find a ton of information on PTC sites. Please have a look if you are working on or plan on working on any PTC sites.

I hope this is of some help.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are golf balls white gold?

If you want to make money selling used golf balls, EBAY is the best and easiest way to do it. First you need to sign up to EBAY which is free. Selling used golf balls is a big business and you can make good money doing it if you know how:

It helps if you live close to a golf course, or at least have one within a short driving distance. You don't want to spend more on transportation than you earn selling.

If you have access to an actively played course, be sure to get permission from the owner of the course before you begin your search. Consider getting a written statement just to be on the safe side.

An easy way to collect the balls quickly is to use a golf ball retriever.

Here is a link for amazon, you should be able to find a good one here. Try to find one that will bring in more than just one ball at a time as you will want to do that. The faster you can collect, the better.

In many pro golf shops, you can find a bowl with used golf balls for sale on the counter. They sell in most pro shops for between $0.50 - $1 per ball depending on condition. Which would be a good price to go with. Maybe even a little lower so you can maximize your sales.

Be sure to clean them really good before putting them up for sale. Nobody wants to buy dirty and grimy used golf balls.

It takes a lot of time and work but if you stick with it and make your business known, you can make good money doing this.

If you look on Ebay you will find many auctions for used balls. Those auctions are usually for groups (lots) of balls and many times they are separated by ball conditions or company brand. In order to get the most money consider separating all your balls into three groups. Group 1 being the best balls that are almost new, group 2 being balls that have some wear but are still playable, and group 3 being for balls that are shag balls (balls that people use for practice).

Further sort group 1 into smaller groups by brand for selling on Ebay. The most expensive balls in the best condition can often bring about a dollar a ball so consider waiting until you get 24 or 36 per group and put them up as a “lot”. The remaining good balls would be put up as lots as well but they might have multiple brands within the lots.

Good luck, and I wish you much success. All comments are welcome.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Become an affiliate:

Another great way to earn some money is affiliate programs.

In order to be an affiliate for any website, you need to have access to the Internet and have your own website/web page set up. Having a website with a lot of traffic will be the best way to see good cash flow.

Lots of traffic = $$$.

But in order to get a lot of traffic to your site you need to advertise all over the web. I would not recommend social networks as it would violate the TOS (terms of service) on most of them and/or your site could just be marked as spam. And you would just be wasting your time. That's what happened to me, so please just accept the warning it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Here is one really good affiliate program:

Just copy and paste the above link to your web browser if you cannot click on it.

I will update this post as soon as I find more good affiliate programs.
If you know of any others, please let me know so I can check them out and if they check out as legit opportunities I can add them to the list, Thank you.

Sell to motorists:

Roadside sales can pull in some quick cash. Pick high-profit items that aren't highly perishable and/or have a high cost/sale price ratio; cold soda, corn, baked goods, flowers. Pick a location that is safe, where a passersby can park without hazard, a location that has a good traffic flow, and one for which you have permission, or at least is not illegal. (Freeway exits are not usually legal sales areas.) You may be required to have a vendor's license, also.

Don't expect to get rich, or minimize the work involved. But if you really need some quick cash, roadside sales can help you over the hump. And it will leave you with more pride than those simply begging.

In addition, be sure what you are selling is not illegal like drugs or things of the sort.

Hit up a pawnshop:

Pawnshops work like this:

You bring in your items, which you offer up as collateral on a loan; in most cases, the loan will be about ten percent of the actual value of your item. If you agree to the loan, the pawnshop gives you a loan ticket.

At this point, you have three choices. One option is to buy your item back. To do this, you go to the pawnshop sometime in the course of the next month and pay back the loan with interest, which is usually somewhere around 20%. Your second option is to come back a month later and pay the interest on the loan, in which case you continue the loan for another month. Your final option is to let the loan expire, in which you keep the money and the pawnshop keeps the goods.

The positive aspect of the pawnshop lies in the loan. Unlike a payday loan or other short-term loan, you have already given up possession of the collateral, which means that, should you default on the loan, you will have nothing more to pay. You will not have to worry about interest on the loan compounding, driving you deeper into debt.

Another positive aspect of pawnshops is the impermanence of the transaction. Unlike a clear sale, a pawnshop loan allows you to regain possession of your item. Therefore, if your fortunes turn around, you will be able to get your stuff back. With Craigslist and eBay, once your stuff's gone, it's gone.

Finally, pawnshops are very convenient. While Craigslist and eBay will net you far more money for your possessions, getting the cash can take days, weeks, or even months. With a pawnshop, getting paid takes about as long as it takes you to cart your stuff down to the store. You don't have to worry about keywords, pictures, listing your item properly, fraudulent bidders, or any of the other headaches that accompany internet sales. You simply drop off your property, whine a little bit about how the pawnbroker is screwing you, grab your dough, and leave.

The downside is pretty obvious. If your precious possessions stay with the pawnbroker for over a month, he puts them on sale to recoup the cost of your loan. Chances are that he will be able to sell your stuff for a lot more than he gave you, which means that, once your month is up, you probably won't be able to buy your stuff back.

So should you use a pawnshop? Absolutely--if you're a buyer. As I mentioned earlier, they are great places to find deals, and can be a lot of fun to wander around. On the other hand, you should view them as an absolutely last resort for selling your stuff. While they will enable you to get your hands on a little bit of money very quickly, they will end up giving you a bare minimum for your goods.

Sell Scrap metal:

While this method isn't something you'll likely be able to survive upon for extended periods, legally anyway, I'm sure you can find something to get melted down.

We want to focus on the legal ways to get some money from scrap metal so first we need to find some. If you are remodeling or have unused copper pipes in your house it may be worth pulling them out and heading to the salvage yard. If pipes are out of reach, check out your garage, basement or shed, where I am guessing you can find something to salvage. This endeavor may be especially profitable if you have been something of a pack rat in this metal treasure trove of yours.

Don't have a room or building full of old odds and ends at your disposal? You can still get in on the salvaging action! The first places to check are any refuse areas around your neighborhood, where you can look for discarded metal objects. If dumpster diving disgusts you then, look at your neighbor's property. Do they have an old swing set nobody uses or a garage packed full of "junk"? If so you can either be upfront and split the profits with them under the pretense that you'll do the heavy lifting, or you can offer to "clean up" their garage as a neighborly favor!

This is an excellent way to make some extra cash quickly, though unfortunately for most people this will be a one-time deal since it will take time to accrue enough extra odds and ends again. Even if you are just trying to get rid of an old vehicle or camper you may be able to pick up some cash. What are you waiting for? Get salvaging

And lets not forget aluminum cans, which can sell for up to at least 0.75 per pound. And in most places are not that hard to acquire. A good way to get a lot of them if you are needing the money fast is to ask family and friends to help you collect. You'll be surprised at how quickly you will collect a good amount. At $0.75/pound, you will earn $75 just for 100 pounds (approximately 3,421 cans). Which may sound like a lot, but is not really that difficult to come by, so give it a shot.